Our Mandate.

We follow a mandate to live and teach the values of Jesus Christ in every facet of school life.

Religious Education

It is the belief of St Joseph’s School that the home nurtures, celebrates and develops faith in God. The School supports the family-whanau and Parish by teaching The Religious Education Programme.

A combined School and Parish Mass is held every term. Middle and senior pupils participate in Masses at Trinity Hospital for the elderly each term. Junior pupils participate in liturgies on special feast days. Classroom masses are celebrated regularly.

Parent Assemblies

Parents are invited to attend assemblies twice a term. Classes take turns in leading the school in prayer. Assemblies are an opportunity to celebrate learning and achievements in our school.

Mission Groups
These are derived from a long tradition at the school. On entry to school pupils are placed in one of ten family groups. Senior pupils are trained as Mission Group Leaders, and have responsibilities for weekly prayer, welcoming and caring for new pupils, preparing for Masses and liturgies and leading students activities.

Parent Charter

As parents we would like you to be supportive of the vision, values and policies of the school. The school sees the parents as “first teachers” in this area of values education. Here are some ideas of ways you can partner with us in your child’s values education:

  • Always encourage your child’s enthusiasm and love of learning.
  • Help your children take responsibility for their actions and behaviour.
  • Encourage the development of independence and confidence.
  • Ensure that your children are respectful of other individuals, of other cultures and the natural environment.
  • Support, and where possible participate in the efforts, achievements and philosophy of our school.
  • Encourage personal effort in any task.
  • Work with your child’s teacher to help create a positive learning environment.
  • Maintain open communications with the school and discuss any problems with the teacher or relevant school personnel.
  • Allow your children to learn through their mistakes.